Urban policy and development

Cities are relentless, intractable, baffling and contradictory. And they are the future in a rapidly urbanising world. ‘Regeneration’ can be a dangerously vague and loaded term (see also ‘sustainability’), but clear analysis, ambitious realism, long-sighted planning and the right delivery mechanisms can make a difference.

I work with clients to make sense of – and sensible plans for – complex places.

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Urban governance

General de Gaulle famously asked how one could be expected to govern a nation with 246 different cheeses. I’m stretching the metaphor, but the institutional framework of many cities is equally complex. London is a case in point, and East London – on which I have spent several years of my life – is a sometimes maddening tangle of government.

Finding a way through this pungent diversity requires a balance between control and chaos, direction and opportunism, partnership and purpose. I know my way round.

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Urban design and architecture

Architects and urban designers make our cities what they are – places that work for, with or against their people. But architects cannot create plans from thin air: without good clients, their plans will be rootless fantasies or dangerous exercises in rhetoric.

I’m no architect, but I can work with them and show clients how to get the plans and visions that they want – through putting time into preparing briefs and managing the consultants they appoint.

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Writing and speaking

The best ideas in the world are powerless if unexpressed. The work I produce for clients communicates clearly, succinctly and compellingly.

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blog and occasional published work.

I enjoy public speaking, I don’t read off my slides, and have spoken at conferences nationally and internationally (including Barcelona, New York, Shenzhen and Hong Kong).