GLA Transition (slight return)

Following Boris Johnson's election as Mayor of London in May 2008, I was asked to advise the Transition Team on management arrangements and corporate structures for the change in administration.

GLA Transition

Working as part of a small team, I set up the Mayor’s Office (systems, relationships etc) and was retained to work there for the year following Ken Livingstone’s election.

London Riverside Urban Strategy

I developed policy options for and wrote this joint planning framework, which brought the plans for Barking Reach together with a strategy for change in the surrounding areas.

Thames Gateway Development Framework

I led the development of a partnership between central, regional and local government, and wrote this strategy (London Thames Gateway Development and Investment Framework, to give it its proper title) for phasing and managing new development in East London.

London Housing Strategy

I wrote the investment plan section of this document, setting out how the Mayor of London would use new powers to commission the housing the London needs. The draft is available for download here.

London Thames Gateway Prospectus

The Mayor of London launched this document, setting out his approach to delivering London Thames Gateway development, in autumn 2007. I drafted the document, which you can look at here.