London 2012

London 2012 Transition

I led a small team, setting up transitional and long-term arrangements for the establishment of London 2012, including accommodation search, appointment of headhunters, and development of interim funding and accountability mechanisms.

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While working at the ODA, I led a programme of local cnsultation on planning applications. I managed the consultants, helped them to write content and participated in public meetings.

High Street 2012

Working jointly for the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham, I developed a vision and a prospectus proposing ways of upgrading the A11, which links central London to London's Olympic Park, so that the 2012 Games could make a real difference to the lives of east London residents. My draft prospectus is here. Urban design consultants are now being commissioned to take the vision forward.

London 2012 Sustainability Plan

I worked with London 2012 partners and stakeholders to draft this plan, which set out the 'sustainability' stall for the London 2012 project. You can download it here, and there's a 2008 update (also put together by me) here.

After the Games/Legacy Now

I worked with regional and local government to agree the process for master-planning the legacy of London’s Olympic Park, advised on the brief for a masterplanning team, and prepared the Legacy Now document to set out partners' agreed vision. The document can be downloaded (in three pieces) from the LDA's legacy website here.