The Corrections

The Guardian\’s Corrections and Clarifications column is always a good read, but it\’s unusual to have corrections correcting corrections. This correction, from today\’s paper, shows the fractures that beset the UK left:

\”A clarification of an opinion piece headlined The political choice facing London could not be clearer (page 35, January 24) said that although Nick Cohen believes Ken Livingstone is unfit to be the Labour candidate for London mayor he is not a supporter of Boris Johnson, contrary to an assertion we made. In fact the piece said he had \”more openly lined up behind Boris Johnson\”. While Nick Cohen has not endorsed Boris Johnson as a candidate he wrote in a Time Out piece in December last year, \”Go Lib Dem, Green or Tory [Johnson] if you must. But don\’t vote for [Livingstone]\” (Corrections and clarifications, page 36, January 26).\”

So is that clear? Nick Cohen attacked Ken Livingstone in the Observer. Seumas Milne attacked Cohen for that attack in the Guardian, alleging that he (Cohen) was supporting Conservative candidate Boris Johnson. Cohen demanded a correction, arguing that he had never argued for Johnson, but only against Livingstone. Milne went back to his sources, and has now demanded a correction to the previous correction.

This could run and run…

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