Collected writings from the past fifteen or so years, including many published by Centre for London and OnLondon.

(Apologies for slightly glitchy formatting in some of the older posts, which went awry when I imported from Blogger. You’ll get the gist.)

Careless vistas

So many prime ministers have pledged action on social care before recoiling, that I really wanted to celebrate the PM grasping the late summer nettle of reform. But he seems to have  brushed casually past it while … Continue reading “Careless vistas”

Paying the price

Saying that Londoners are underpaid may not win many votes outside the M25, but persistently low pay is a huge problem for the capital and its citizens. One way of looking at this is to compare Londoners’ … Continue reading “Paying the price”

Bringing beauty back

Sometimes it seems like the government is determined to turn people like me against its planning reforms. While it is still unclear how the new system will operate in London, planning reform should help with housing delivery. … Continue reading “Bringing beauty back”

Level 21

There is an argument to be made for regional levelling-up, even in the pages of On London. Poverty and ill-health may be spread throughout the country, but the productivity gap between London and other UK regions and … Continue reading “Level 21”


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